Idan Abolnik is the founder of Kalah, the system Krav Maga was intended to become. He was born in Israel, served as a fighter in the Golani unit, and Israeli Defense Force and spent many years in the highest level of security in Israel. He is now exclusively teaching here in the USA for the 5th St. Gym



Course Hours: 5 hours a day 1 hour break for Lunch

Persons: Between 4-8 Person per class

Price: $1450 ($500 Depost to guarantee a spot) You can make payments afterwards Instructor: Idan Abolnik will be the actual Instructor

Location: Chicago, Illinois    July 6th-10th, 2020

Miami Beach, Florida            July 13th-17th, 2020

Instructor: Idan Abolnik (Resume Below)

 At KALAH we believe that Continued Education is the key to a successful self-defense Instructor. A well developed Self-defense Instructor is measured not only by his performance but also by his students.  All KALAH Instructor Courses are taught by Idan Abolnik. Each instructor course focuses on these different aspects: Training, Fighting and Survival. Our goal is to increase the quality of Self defense Instructors around the globe by teaching you the official KALAH Instructor methods and curriculum.  Now you have the opportunity to finally stand out and truly be the most Effective Self defense school in your country  




NEW FOR 2020


Course Hours: 5 hours

Persons: Between 10-15 Persons per class  

Price: $99

Instructor: Idan Abolnik  

Location: Chicago, IL -July 12th , 2020

Miami Beach, FL.          July 18th, 2020

Instructor: Idan Abolnik (Resume Below)


         Idan (Head Instructor of KALAH) uses his experiences he has gained in the Israeli elite military units under which he has served, and in the top of the Israeli security units.
       By combining and improving these three fighting styles, making them faster, and making them hugely more effective, it increases the chances of survival in attacks with enormous violence! Kalah is known as one of the most effective fighting styles in Around the world when it comes to survival in extreme situations! Kalah is for anyone who wants to learn to fight back, who wants to survive and understands that an attack can happen any time in any unexpected situation. At Kalah, one learns to accept that the attacks will be tremendously hard and violent, and that you can lose your life in one instant. It's not a "James Bond game".
        Kalah is not a sport or a form of self-defense training. It's a combat mindset system. We need to change our mind set when it comes to the survival or protection of our family members. To be attacked is scary and this activates our "fight or flight" response that is to say a rush of adrenaline rants through our bodies and causes overwhelming anxiety, panic, tunnel vision, sweating and confusion. All these emotions come together in a split second!
        It is learning to master our fears and respond to the threat and learn to survive! Victims are often misled when it comes to potentially violent criminals, they deceive you when they say that if you do what they want you will then come to nothing like in hijackings and armed robberies and rapes. It is not always necessary to give up and be submissive to your attackers. Many cases have been known that victims are still being abused, raped or even killed, even if they have met the demands of their attacker! Why not work on having the right skills to save yourself and to fight back!



Idan Abolnik



Idan  is the founder of KALAH, the system Krav Maga was intended to become. He was born in Israel, where he grew up in a small town called Beer Sheva. He served as a fighter in the Sayeret Golani unit since the  age of 18. After his service in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), he spent many years  working in one of the highest levels of government security in Israel.    

His journey with Krav Maga started when he arrived in South Africa in 2002. Similarly to many Israeli Ex-Special Forces members, he opened a security company in the private sector. One of his services was to provide KravMaga training. He can recall his very first class to one student on a Saturday at 09:00. The first move he began to instruct the student was to counter a gun attack to the front. When he started to demonstrate the move he immediately realized that the commercial Krav Maga move would not work. This was not because his student was overly aggressive but because he gave strong, realistic resistance to my attack. He felt very awkward and sensed the need to take a different approach to the original techniques. He followed his first instinct by raising his hands in front of his face and submitting by saying “I don’t want to fight.” followed by an immediate response attack. His student was completely stunned requesting that he show him the move again but slowly. A sense of panic rose in him as he did not remember how to repeat the instinctual move. He had no recollection of what he did. Thankfully, instinct kicked in once again and the moment he pointed the gun at him, the move came back to him, exactly as he did it before. It was at that moment that he realized, that God has chosen him to develop a new Krav Maga system. After this experience he practiced, tested and broke down each and every original KravMaga technique in his knowledge. He was shocked at how 90% of the techniques were not effective at all when his opponent started to resist him aggressively and realistically. At this point, he decided to do extensive research on what original/ commercial Krav Maga is all about starting from when it first came into existence. The rest is history.